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Under Socialism, People Line Up for Bread Like They Do For Face Masks

South Korea has been experiencing a shortage of face masks, despite the Democratic Party’s initial proposal (which has been scrapped) to provide one free mask to each person per day. Although the South Korean government has implemented measures to secure and distribute face masks to the public, the shortage of face masks persists. The currentContinue reading “Under Socialism, People Line Up for Bread Like They Do For Face Masks”

A Culture Destroyed to Yield to Entertainment

With social media, the situation has become “absolutely unique” by allowing individuals to “have a control of the instruments of production”, where there is no time limit, a choice of a personally selected topic, and an independence that is free from technical requirements (On Television). Regarding Bourdieu’s “On Television”, I begin with television, and specificallyContinue reading “A Culture Destroyed to Yield to Entertainment”

Some History and Communism

My grandmother was born in Pyongyang, which is now located in North Korea. During the Korean War (1950-1953), my grandmother walked down to Seoul with her brother, believing that they would eventually return home. Her parents and her younger sister remained in Pyongyang. As the communists were forcing Korean men to join their army, withContinue reading “Some History and Communism”

Theory of The Young-girl

In Theory of the Young-girl, Tiqqun introduces a female figure that, as an abstraction of collective desires and the embodiment of seduction consumption, is the “model citizen of a consumer society within the Empire’s anthropotechnical project” (Becker, 85). In doing so, the Tiqqun depicts a “universal political doctrine on the foundation of human rights” thatContinue reading “Theory of The Young-girl”

Modernism: Paternally Universal

Modern art museums offer values and beliefs about identity and can also function as social, political and ideological instruments. By conveying Modernism as a universal system of beliefs, Thomas McEvilley and Carol Duncan illustrate the role of exhibitions and art museum’s ritual program as self-representations that establishes an individual’s relationship to others in the community.Continue reading “Modernism: Paternally Universal”


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